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How to modify a 120 film to use in 620 cameras.
  The "Glenn E. Stewarts" way.  


 Other rather interesting Web pages:

Doug Wilcoxs
"Doug's Classic Camera Page"
 Klaus-Eckard Riess'
Very good and interesting page.

Dansk Fotohistorisk Selskab.
A Danish association of people
for whom the photo is a hobby.

A Swedish site with an English section.
Chris's Camera Pages.
Kodak's Retina and Retinette
cameras and lenses
Alan M D Macphersons
"Classic Cameras"
Vintage Camera Online.
A very interesting website.
Both in German and English language.

An interesting site in german language

Vladis Antique Russian
Soviet camera collection
Reijo Lauros Webpage.

A very interesting page.

Roland and Caroline's
Home Page

A very interesting site from Sweden in english language.


A website with over 7000 interesting links for anyone who has photos as a hobby.

An encyclopedia of information
about all still camera brands and models.


Shows "For sale" or "At auction" at the Web.